Survivor, thriver, warrior… What are you?

FreyaI was thinking while I sat in the garden, basking in warm Summer’s rays of how I had started my healing journey two years ago. How my concepts and ideas have changed over this period of time. I am not the same person I used to be for sure! I now understand C-PTSD, why I startle, my mind can ‘crash’ under stressful situations… I have all of the complexities that it holds and yet I feel stronger now. They say knowledge is power. I believe it is.

This is not a new concept… knowledge being powerful. It turned my mind to history… A strange word… Why wasn’t it coined ‘Herstory’, Or ‘Theirstory’? Hmm… Another subject altogether!

We some times call ourselves victims, survivors or thrivers. I, personally do not like these terms, victim equates to helplessness, I was once, but I am not now. Survivor? Yes, I survived but, I don’t want that as a label forever. And thriver? Well, simply… No. I don’t feel comfortable with that either…

What would Queen Elizabeth call herself? She went into battle with Spain. Did she call herself a winner? Boadicea became a warrior after her husband was slaughtered, defending her lands after both she and her daughters were raped and flogged according to legend.

I could list a few but one legend, one mythology stands out… Freya, Lady of Vanir. Freya was, in stories told, a goddess. She was the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and love. Her chariot pulled by two black cats. She was also strong, back then in history women could own their property, divorce their husbands and take back their dowry. Odin purportedly told men they should be lovers and warriors, Freya’s message was the same to women, that they be strong, assertive and full of light. They too could be lovers and warriors. Now there’s a concept!

I think, we can look at this as there is a time to fight and a time to love. Times have changed a lot since then, thank goodness! We can however still fight. We can stand up shout out against abuse and violence. We can take our perpetrators to court and ‘fight’ in a court of law. We can fight with pens and ink to get our message out. We can blog, Tweet, Facebook… Use social media to get the message across. This has made the world smaller and more connective. We still have to try and stand above the social media noise but if we keep saying ‘Enough!’ We will be heard! Men, women and children who have been abused, assaulted, raped all now have a voice. It might start quietly, but it will grow in strength as we move forward.

I have decided I like the word; Warrior. Pens, ink and words are my tools of choice.

What would you call yourself?

Who would you have wanted to be like in history?

What tools do you have to hand to make a difference?

Interview with Richard Bartlett, Author of 2015 An Astronomical Year: A Quick Reference Guide to 365 Nights of Astronomy

I want to introduce you to Richard Bartlett. He just wrote this amazing astronomy book called: 2015 An Astronomical Year to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20th, and he’s giving them away for free!! A five day promotion starting today! And everyone lurves free, right?

Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett

We connected a while ago as bloggers. He has the awesome blog, thelastsongiheard, where he writes a journey for his young son and incorporates a song every time. His blog brought back a lot of memories for me and he’s English too… so we would comment on memories of England that only an ex-pat would sometimes understand which would make me giggle.

Personally, I’ve always loved astronomy, looking back when I was a child I would look up at the stars and think how wonderful it would be to escape or fly into them. I even did a school project on astronomy and won an award for it when I was … ohhh… 11 years old… Other girls had wrote about fashion and girly things, me? Astronomy! You know when your five years old and told to draw what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, I drew an astronaut! It really didn’t go down well with my teacher “Claire, there will never be an British astronaut let alone a girl! Draw something much better… like a nurse!” I guess Helen Sharman proved her wrong! Whoop whoop! secretly I hope the old crow was still alive when Helen went into space! (giggles).

So you can imagine how delighted I am that Richard has given this interview for us and I really hope you give him all the support you can and please feel free to share this anywhere and every where, Facebook, Twitter… You know the gig. Let’s see if we can blast his book into Amazon space! ;-)

2015 An Astronomical Year

2015 An Astronomical Year

What is the brief synopsis of your book?

Well, it’s a non-fiction book called 2015 An Astronomical Year, so there really isn’t a synopsis. It’s a quick reference guide to all the things you can see in the night sky in 2015 and it’s written for both beginners and more advanced astronomers.
I wanted something where I could quickly and easily look up a date and find something interesting to see in the sky. I couldn’t find anything like it on Amazon, so I decided to write my own.

What is the ‘back story’ to your book cover and title?

The cover I created with Amazons’ book cover designer, otherwise I probably would have come up with something quite dull! I’m very pleased with it.
In terms of the title, I wanted something that would (hopefully) accurately describe the contents, but also show up on most astronomy-related searches in Amazon. The full title is “2015 An Astronomical Year: A Quick Reference Guide to 365 Nights of Astronomy” and I was careful to choose the right keywords too. So if a reader searches for “2015 Night Sky Guide” my book will come up. Likewise, because I have the words “calendar,” “daily,” and “monthly” as keywords, if a reader searches for “2015 astronomy calendar” or “2015 daily astronomy guide” my book will come up too.

What made you want to become a writer? (What was you motivation and inspiration?)

Don’t know, to be honest. I used to love to read when I was a kid and I guess I just wanted to make my own stories. I’ve tried to write fiction (and screenplays) in a lot of different ways and never really succeeded. But I’ve been into astronomy since I was a kid and I used to write for Astronomy magazine, so it seemed like a natural progression to write an ebook.
Put it this way – in the late 90’s I created my own astronomy site, StarLore. At that time, a lot of people were creating websites about their hobbies and interests and a lot of websites got very popular very quickly, simply because there weren’t a lot of websites around and the number of people going online was rapidly growing. It was boomtown. Nowadays it’s much harder to launch a website and get hits. Boomtown, I believe, is now firmly in the ebook market.

Did you employ and editor for the storyline, proofreading or editing?

No, I just let others read it first. I re-wrote it completely 2 or 3 times before I was happy with it. In fact, I was nearly done with it when I completely scrapped it and started again. I’d been working on it for about 2 months by that time. I got this version done in about 3 weeks, but it felt right. It was coming together the way I wanted it to.

Are you self-published or traditional/ Why did you choose to publish this way?

I’m self published. I didn’t try the traditional method, but I’ve just discovered that Amazon allows authors to publish their paperbacks through a service they offer. I’d like to get it physically published before October. I’ve already beat the other 2015 astronomical publications by a couple of months.

Do you have any hints or tips that you have found in marketing?

Ha, I wouldn’t know what to say… to quote Indiana Jones, “I dunno, I’m making this up as I go.” It’s hard to market a book but definitely join some groups on Facebook and post it there. Also Reddit. Otherwise, it’s word of mouth and numbers. You want to make it easy to read and I’d say, in terms of ebooks, the formatting is extremely limited. You can write it in Word and Amazon will easily convert the file. But bear in mind that Kindle users can (and do) change the size of your font and the fonts themselves are quite limited. So, as much as you love your 24 point Papyrus titles, it ain’t gonna work on a Kindle. Keep it simple.
Likewise (and this was a big downer for me) there’s no way to have a conventional table in your book. You can only insert tables as a graphic. On the plus side, Kindle readers can double-tap an image and then zoom in on the graphic – a big plus for me with star maps. (I know these tips aren’t marketing related, but hopefully they’ll benefit someone!)

What was your most amazing moment in writing your book?

Finishing it! Honestly, it’s like a marathon. You just have to keep running or else it won’t get finished. It sounds obvious, but you have to keep going with it. It really did feel like I was headed toward the finish line toward the end though.
I will say this – nothing beats the feeling of seeing your book on Amazon. That’s probably the coolest part. And it appears above other books! And then you get a sale! From someone you don’t know! But it doesn’t just stop there… you see your book rise in the rankings! Then you get reviews! People like it! I wouldn’t say it’s better than sex, but it’s better than most other things I know!

If your novel was to be made into a movie which actor would you like to play the leading role?

LOL Well that’s not going to happen… but if anyone wants to make a regular television or radio show, I’m available :)

Is there a sequel forthcoming or any new book in the works?

I’m about to start on a guide for absolute beginners. My girlfriend Joy had a great idea to make it like one of those “choose your own adventure” books. So, there’d be a couple of questions to determine the date and time and then it would provide you with options of what you can see… then it would tell you how to find those things. People are writing ebooks in the traditional, linear fashion but with embedded links, they can be much more than that.

Do you have an inspirational, motivating or funny anecdote you would like to share?

Not yet. I told my mother about the book but then I almost regretted it because I was afraid she might actually review it. Imagine me, with my author profile proudly boasting “freelance writer for Astronomy magazine” and then having a review from Mummy saying “I’m very proud of my son’s work. He always liked the stars, even when he was a little boy.” And yes, my Mum would definitely do that.



…and of course, his blog:

After the five days promotion his book will revert back to $5.99,

so as they say in the commercials “Hurry While it Lasts!”

So let me ask you… What do you think of astronomy?

Pretty? Please! Are you serious?

It has been fairly hectic over the last few weeks! When you publish a book it’s easy to think “AH! Now I can sit back and take a break” Nooo! After weeks, months of writing and trying to find the right design for your cover and wonderful organizations to include into a Resource List, you then have to make sure people know about it.

I wrote a little while back how I was looking to plan an event in NYC for the launch of my second book but sadly the sponsor didn’t like the venue, people thought I was an easy target to be ripped off financially through PR and the whole event was becoming a nightmare instead of a “Let’s have a ball and celebrate!” So I launched it by throwing a Facebook Party and it was freaking awesome because people met new authors and advocates. We had a blast! No drama, no issues.

Then people started to ask about when was I was going to host a ‘real’ event… A book signing, something, just something…. Well, see I like to hide behind my safe little computer because… It’s safe what else can I say? If you’ve read my blog posts and are a follower you know I have issues. Let’s call it out for what it is, C-PTSD. I have managed to deal with a lot of it through writing but one issue I still have is self-image.

SmilePeople have told me I should be look to get hair extensions, maybe go blonde, have my teeth straightened, have a make-over. They have suggested a complete make over! (giggles) I was told this “Americans like pretty people, you need to be pretty.” Oh yeah! How I see it is this, I was Yorkshire born and raised, I was told it’s what you have to say that counts or what you have to give to society.

The Mind Unleashed's photo

I was invited to an big, important event at a beautiful and prestigious university in England, at first I panicked about the ideas that people were planting ever firmly into me that I wasn’t “pretty enough”. Sadly, it turns out I can’t go simply because I don’t have enough funds to go, (Yep! still recovering from Hurricane Sandy…) Then I was offered to be part of an event in Connecticut, this I am going to attend because I’ve decided that through my growth of finding inspiration and empowerment, to hell with what people think, I’m doing it!


If people think I’m not “Hollywood” enough for them, tough! Because I wasn’t raised or live in Hollywood! I am just simply ‘me’. I am going to do book signings in book stores, I am going to get the message out after all, that is the real reason I do all the work I do!

Beautiful women

Beautiful women

I could be toothless, old, wrinkly and totally imperfect but I’m going to do this! I also want to say some of those words conjure up some of the most beautiful and pretty people because I believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A warm, giving, loving person is more stunningly beautiful and pretty than a shallow, hollow Barbie shell.

These are just my thoughts…

What do you think?

Mechanic Leigh Print Version on Amazon

Claire Cappetta:

Today I’m sharing Eric Alagan’s beautiful new book about childhood back in the ’60’s, Mechanic Leigh. A wonderful way to spend time in the sun this summer! We could all use some great escapism sometimes! ;-)

Originally posted on Written Words Never Die:

I’m happy to announce that Mechanic Leigh, paperback, is now available from Amazon. Please click on image for Amazon USA:

Mechanic Leigh full cover_JPEG

Click here for Amazon UK

The back cover contains eight (8) comments, a small selection from the many supporters of Mechanic Leigh. I reproduce these comments below:

I enjoy your Mechanic Leigh stories. The info on Singapore, the language and the cultural info wrapped in a clever and enjoyable prose – Stephen Baum, California, USA

Loved it as it took me back to my evil teen years – Ian Grice, Queensland, Australia

This whole saga of Mechanic Leigh is so beautifully written – Soma Mukherjee, New Delhi, India

I really enjoyed these Mechanic Leigh stories – Melissa Perera, Maryland, USA

Eric is a living testimony to the belief that if we write from the heart, we will touch other hearts – Jane Thorne, Buckinghamshire, UK

The characters are funny and…

View original 116 more words

By Claire Cappetta Posted in Writing

Thank you for supporting the Stalking Liberty Launch Party!

Facebook Book Launch Banner

I want to thank Rosemary Mamie Adkins, author of Reflections of Mamie – A Story of Survival for co-hosting the event with me. Last night was just so wonderful! The Facebook Stalking Liberty’s Book Release Party was filled with so much love, sharing and

Reflections of Mamie - A Story of Survival

Reflections of Mamie – A Story of Survival

new friendships created all the raising awareness for violence and abuse.

I believe everyone who came had a good time. There were jokes thrown around… music to wiggle to. I seriously couldn’t have wished for a more wonderful event. It truly surpassed all exceptions! Thank you for being there and making it an amazing evening, hugs!

My WiFi kept messing up the connection so to see someone post I had to keep refreshing the page! What the hell, man!! But seriously it was amazing! The whole event was just filled with love and inspiration. It surpassed my wildest dreams. It felt small and intimate though trying to keep track of the threads was a little crazy at the beginning because of my stupid connection but everyone seemed to have a really fun time.
Theresa McIntosh of Barrier Free Living

Theresa McIntosh of Barrier Free Living

I was blown away that bloggers who came … like  who posted the Chicken Enchiladas!  Theresa McIntosh came, who had so kindly given me an amazing endorsement and reviews.

Theresa’s amazing!
She said she was doing wheelies :-)
Love her!
My friend, Chrisie also was in the event who I called Ellie in my book. I managed to find and connect with her last year after15 years and when we spoke it was like we had just spoken yesterday! Without her help I know I wouldn’t be alive today, so it made it incredibly special that she was there. My friend Julie Buhite who has stuck with me through thick and thin of writing was there, in honor of her I posted a nice happy jolly video.
People drifted in and out, it was like a relaxed house party! I danced with Robin Hassan a wonderful Victim’s Right’s Advocate. Oh yeah baby this is Facebook and we can dance! Believe me! Ask Robin!
Happy dance, life love,writing

Claire and Robin dancing!

Jon Magee joined in making me laugh. He posted great Scottish songs and and teased Rosemary on the origins of Haggis. I still keep the secret and say it’s a woolly bird!!

Annette joined in while she was at work! Shhh! Our secret… Just like the Haggis. So many, all awesome with ideas, place, books and inspiration to share!

I can honestly say tears came to my eyes when I saw how everyone came and just were there…in the moment. After worrying that no-one would come, panicking at the beginning, hence posting up the food pictures, thinking I might be sat there on my own for six and half hours…. Looking back, the less posted the easier to keep track of the comments.

Rosemary we swap books so she could get a feel of what was coming. At the event, she said the book had an OMG ending and not what she had expected… After asking her for a word to describe it she came back with “WHAT???” (Giggles quietly)

I had sent out pre-release copies and people are having problems finding words… Well I guess that’s good! Well… Yes it does have an OMG twist to the end. I’m happy to leave people speechless or understand what Stalkers can do to peoples lives.

So for some fun, I posted up a competition last night… In the Stalking Liberty Facebook Event. Whoever “Liked” commented, posted etc all the names would be thrown into a ‘Randomizer’ for a free EBook of Stalking Liberty.
Let me tell you… This App is really cool you put in the names and draws a ‘short straw’ lol

And the Short Straw winner is….
Robert Schmeckpeper-Bauter!!!

Congrats Robert and your Chicken Enchiladas were delicious and amazing!!!
If you are stuck for something to cook… Go to Robert’s blog:

It’s awesome! Nom! 

Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat! After all the hard work I still had pictures and videos to post which never made it because the conversations were just incredible enough on their own!

Love, Life, Laugh, Hugs, Smile

Thank you so very and hugs to you all <3

Free! To celebrate the launch of Stalking Liberty. A free Ebook of A Broken Ring

A Broken Ring Free EBook Download

A Broken Ring
Free EBook Download

To celebrate the book Launch of Stalking Liberty I’m giving away EBooks of A Broken Ring 
To download your free copy go to:
Enjoy and please share.
If you enjoy the book please write a small review on either Smashwords or Goodreads.
Thank you and have a great day! 

Rosemary ‘Mamie’ Adkins is co-hosting the Stalking Liberty Book Launch on Facebook!

Reflections of Mamie - A Story of Survival

Reflections of Mamie – A Story of Survival

Breaking News for the party!
Rosemary ‘Mamie’ Adkins author of Reflections of Mamie – A Story of Survival will be hosting the party with me! Yay!!
She is an amazing author and survivor. We connected very recently through this blog post. I have watched her work and seen her advocating work blossom since she launched her book. Reflections of Mamie ~ A Story of Survival. An avid advocate for Child and Animal Abuse. She had dreamed for years of writing a book with the intention of helping others, like most of us who write about abuse it always seems to come down to the same feelings “If I just help one person, it will be worth it”.

It can be gut wrenching and heartbreaking to relive painful pasts but we find that by sharing our deepest, darkest pasts not only do we help others, we find a new light for ourselves. I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was when she accepted my invitation to co-host the Launch Party for Stalking Liberty~Are you safe?… next Tuesday the 20th May.

Rosemary 'Mamie' Adkins

Rosemary ‘Mamie’ Adkins

If you would like to know more about Rosemary please visit her website:

Rosemary Mamie Adkins books are available on–Survival-Rosemary-Adkins

and you can find her also on: Facebook:

The Book Launch Party will be held on Facebook next Tuesday, 20th May starting at 3.30pm est until 9pm. Please click here on this link to join in the fun… Don’t forget to bring and post your virtual drinks and snacks! : Stalking Liberty Book Launch Party!!

You’re invited! The ‘Virtual’ Book Launch Party for Stalking Liberty ~ 20th May 2014

You’re invited!

Whoo! After all that hard work I’m finally releasing Stalking Liberty out into the world!

I was going to have the book launch in NYC but that has now changed. I also received emails from people saying they wish they could come but the distance was too far… Well guess what? Now it ain’t!  I’m throwing a ‘Virtual’ Facebook Party!

What do you need you to bring?… Yoouuu!

That simple but we could use some snacks, chips, dips… A Beer or two might not go a miss, maye be a virtual glass of champers! ( giggles) Just bring your snacks and post up the pictures on to the event wall to share!

There will be giveaways, quizzes, music and fun! All in the name of raising awareness against abuse and stalking.

Facebook Book Launch Banner

Here is my Facebook blurb for the event…

“Join the Facebook event and in the fun on the 20th May at 3.30 est
A ‘Virtual’ Book Launch Party.

Stalking Liberty is coming to stores and e-retailers in North America May 20th, 2014 and around the globe.

Join me on Tuesday, May 20th for an awesome time celebrating the book’s release.

What to bring? You! Oh! And snacks, chips, dip and something to drink… Post it on the wall so we can all ‘virtually’ share :- )

There will be lots of giveaways, quizzes, music, videos and fun!”

Click here to join the Facebook Virtual Launch Party for Stalking Liberty


Let me know what you think…

I hope you can join in the fun!

Ah! The best laid plans of mice and men… And me

Love, Life, Laugh, inspirationI have been quiet of late I know. So much going on, trying to accomplish so many grand plans but sometimes we just hit a road a block… or two, right?

There was this great grand plan to have a party… A book launch party for Stalking Liberty. Everyone loves a party right? Well, yes and no it seems. I organized it well so I thought. There was a PR woman to help, I put together sponsorship packages, giveaways even a video promoting it all. There was just one glitch…

The venue. Let me quickly add there is nothing wrong with the venue the PR lady chose, it just seems my old corporate clients couldn’t get their minds around the Garment District in NYC. To be honest stepping back from the mayhem and madness of it I understand it, I ‘get it’. So a couple of days ago I came to my senses and cancelled it all before it came to close to be able too. The PR lady was furious! Not happy with me at all. I explained to her I would love to be able to pay for it all myself but like many Long Islanders still trying to get their feet steady financially after Sandy (And yes, there are still a lot of us getting our feet back on the ground). She came back to me with total disdain!

Now… I’m sure you may be familiar with this little thing in life… It’s called Karma! You see… not more than 3 days after her rousing me with slurs a small storm blew through. You know the kind… thunder, lightening… rain, lots of rain. Very sadly, I learned her life was virtually washed through with it. My heart went out to her because I’ve been there, it’s devastating.

ObstaclesThen there were people who said they would love to come but it was just too far especially on a Tuesday evening… again completely understandable.

Now of course you know me I haven’t given up because it’s not happening as planned. It just means of putting it together another way. A way everyone can join in, enjoy the party favors AND still raise awareness… And releasing Stalking Liberty into the big wide world!


I’m thinking virtually… An online party, a place to mix, mingle and connect! I’ll supply the ‘virtual’ champagne, cake, the party favors will be real (giggles)

You still up for a party?

On a computer, laptop, iPad near you?

Let me know what you think, would lurve your thoughts on it!

Stalking Liberty, Are you ready for a party to raising awareness?

Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?...

Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…

These last couple of weeks have been a little crazy because the book, Stalking Liberty is finished and now there is the wonderful point of releasing it out to the world. I thought long and hard about how to do this because when I launched A Broken Ring I had a lot of ideas and ways of doing… but… Hurricane Sandy came along… Not much of anything happened after that! Everyone was too busy cleaning up homes for anything else.

This time I’m trying to raise awareness for people are or have had a stalker or been involved in Domestic violence and abuse. I asked several charities and organizations if they would like to be included in the Resources List in the book. I had a wonderful response!

Now my idea is to hold a Stalking Liberty Book Launch Party in NYC! I would love to be able to fund it myself but we are still recovering from Sandy financially so I came up with the idea of sponsorship. This way it advertises those businesses who support the work of raising awareness. A win-win scenario all round. It’s going to be amazing, food, drink and a raffle too with the proceeds going to the organizations in the Resources List and I’ve already had donations for it! Including a grand prize valued over $5,000! to be held at Stitch in New York on the 20th May, 2014, close to Penn Station… Only 4 blocks away!

Now I don’t normally ask for help with anything but this time I am. If you know of anyone or business who would like to be involved please let me know, even on the smallest level because I have a brilliant Event and PR lady, Bridget Hanretta O’Brien working with me.

Stitch NYC

Stitch NYC

Here is the Sponsorship Letter:

“We are proud to offer you a wonderful opportunity to sponsor the Book Launch Party for Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?… by Claire Cappetta at Stitch, 247, West 37th St, NYC, to be held on the 20th May 2014 at 7pm.

Some of the biggest names from the world of Domestic Violence, Abuse charities and organizations such as RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), Dennis Golden of IM-Safe, Stop the Abuse Campaign, Theresa McIntosh a former NYC Mayoral Appointee, who has endorsed the back cover of the book, have been confirmed for this event.

We are hosting this event which is expected to be full as we raise awareness against domestic violence which sadly effects:
1 in 6 women every year.
1 in 3 women are a victim of homicide, murdered by her current or former partner.
1 in 4 men suffer from domestic violence from women.
Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria, according to World Bank data.

We believe because of the publicity organized by Bridget Hanretta O’Brien, an amazing PR and event organizer based in New York City, that not too many people would miss such an event! There will be a red carpet, a step and repeat banner for photos and branding, book signings by Claire Cappetta. There will also be food and an open bar! A Raffle event, the funds raised will be donated to the charities and organizations who are in the Resources List in the book including: RAINN, the largest domestic violence network in the US, Stop the Abuse, Campaign, IM-Safe Forum, See the Triumph, National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Pennsylvania Coalition of Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis, which is the largest in England and Wales

I am launching the book, Stalking Liberty to raise awareness, letting people know they are not alone. It is based on the true story of myself, Claire Cappetta as an author from the UK, I experienced rape, domestic violence, held hostage from a stalker, to a journey of empowerment in New York. Stalking Liberty is receiving amazing reviews:
“The storyline was more complex with the added element of suspense.
For survivors and anyone who helps them — essential powerful reading, recovery and how perpetrators fight to get away with it.”
Women in abusive relationships tell themselves these things every day, in this groundbreaking book.
Domestic abuse is in the papers every day. Maybe this book will give women the courage to leave their abusers and help us to better understand this growing problem. What an amazing story about a damaged, abuse and waiting to exhale.”
Theresa A. H. McIntosh Former Mayoral appointee, representing the voice of the victims, Mayors-office to combat Domestic Violence

I believe that this Book Launch Party will make a huge impact and your sponsorship would help us make the event a sure-fire success and bring about the awareness which is needed.

We expect a total funding of $8,000 of which we hope you will be contributing to this worthy cause. The more you can fund, the more we can market your name and help those who desperately need it.

Listed below are the levels of our needed sponsorship for this event.

Emerald $3,500.00
Complimentary SOLO exhibit tabletop in venue.
Mention by host at event.
LARGE company logo on promotional material.
VIP company table at event.
Company Logo on ALL promotional material, as schedule permits.
The sponsor shall provide an electronic copy of appropriate logo.
Included in all the Media Press Kits.
Signed copy of A Broken Ring ~ A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…

Diamond $2,500.00
Complimentary spot at exhibit tabletop in venue.
Mention by host at event.
Medium company logo on promotional material.
VIP company table at event.
Signed copy of A Broken Ring ~ A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…

Sapphire $1,500.00
Complimentary spot at exhibit tabletop in venue
Medium company logo on promotional material
Signed copy of A Broken Ring ~ A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…

Ruby $500
Company name and/or logo displayed on:
Printed materials, as schedule permits (small size)
Registration area.
Signs at appropriate shows or events provided by sponsor.
Signed copy of A Broken Ring ~ A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…

Please visit these links for further information about the author:

Please join us by sponsoring this event. We will look forward to your reply by the 11th April, 2014.

Yours Sincerely,

Claire Cappetta,
Author of A Broken Ring ~ A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Empowerment
Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?…”

What do you think?

Are you up to this?

Are you on board to help raise awareness in May?

Do you want to be involved?

Do you want to come, have an awesome evening meeting some amazing people?