After an interesting journey, I finally have a new place to call home online.

After an interesting journey,
I finally have a new place to call home online.

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There was a place which was in the domain of .com country, but sadly when trying to transfer it, there was a mix-up and someone snatched it up, leaving me bewildered and homeless for a while, but now we have a brand new sparkly home!

I love it and I hope you do to. Now my old blogging has its own place too, snuggled in among the pages. There are some of the old posts which were well-loved on WordPress and some new ones. Julie Buhite is contributing posts on Sexual Assault. tomorrow is an author interview with Joanna Hunter, next week’s Author Interview is with Jayne C. Dough. I am also in discussion with an author to serialize one of his books each week, a story about Domestic Violence and Slavery. So if you are too busy to be able to sit down and read a book cover to cover, you’ll be able to read a book, for five minutes or so each week!

Monday kicked off a series about healing with essential oils, meditation, yoga and methods of natural healing from emotional pain and anxiety.

I hope you can join me in my new home, and I hope you find it a warm, welcoming and comforting place to be, and yes… We even have background music courtesy of Simply Mary.

You can also download a free copy of Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle when you subscribe, for a limited time.

Who doesn’t just love “Free Stuff”? giggles

Just click on the picture of Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle below to go to

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Interview with Ann Moulds for Action Scotland Against Stalking

Today, I feel very humbled and honored to interview Ann Moulds about her charity in which she set up in Scotland to help survivors of Stalking, to help bring amendments to the law and politicians for Stalking, against stalkers and to help the victims.

What is your charity and what is it’s aim?

Action Scotland Against Stalking (ASAS) was launched as a campaigning body in 1999 with the over aim of having stalking recognized as a specific offence within criminal law, improved response for victims and to promote the rights of victims within the criminal justice process. ASAS quickly became a national and international campaign contributing to some major breakthroughs and ground breaking initiatives, most notably the introduction of the ‘Offence of Stalking’ sec 39 Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scot) Act 2010. This set the blue print for England & Wales to follow suit with the introduction of the ‘Offence of Stalking’ as an amendment into the Protection of Freedoms Act (2012). The campaign expanded to Europe and in 2011, stalking was successfully inserted into the Council of Europe’s European Convention (Istanbul Treaty), the only legally binding treaty of its kind. Ratified on 1st August, it places a requirement on European member states to recognise stalking as a specific crime. The launch of the civil justice campaign ‘Restoring the Balance of Justice’ in December 2013 followed by England & Wales in September aims to address legal loopholes and inequities within the civil system to eradicate abuse of process by stalkers.
The work of ASAS will contribute to 8 out of 16 of the Scottish Governments National Outcomes – crime, communities, young people, children, healthier lives, inequalities, public services and children, young people and families. ASAS will enhance the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe’ strategy and strategic objectives of building a Safer and Stronger Scotland as well as developing a Healthier Scotland by reducing inequalities: Implementation of the Council of Europe’s European Convention for Combatting Violence Against Women and Girls and the provision of specialized services for supporting victims of stalking; the successful implementation of the Scottish Governments Victim & Witnesses Act 2014 which recognizes stalking victims as vulnerable victims, and entitlement to Justice & Safety as outlined by the SCHR Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights.

What is the ‘back story’ to your work and why did you start the charity?

My own experience of being the victim of a long and horrendous stalking campaign highlighted predatory crimes of this nature were not even recognized as a serious form of violence never mind a criminal offence. Behaviours that were persistent and unwanted were often ignored or dismissed by the police, support services and criminal justice authorities rendering victims like myself vulnerable and unprotected. My experience highlighted a victim blaming culture, dismissive and derogatory gender based attitudes and a complete disregard for my safety. I was forced to engage in a system that mandated a physical attack before anything could be done. Both my stalker and the system breached every aspect of my human rights. Living with constant anxiety, fear and uncertainty impacted on my every aspect of my life and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Stalking is not a physical crime per say, it is a psychological crime and any physical element is purely a facet of this crime. If left unattended can sometimes escalate to serious violence , rape or murder whereby the stalking element is overlooked and the perpetrator is prosecuted for another crime. My stalker fitted the profile of a Sadistic sexually predator stalker who decided to remain anonymous throughout his campaign of terror. When he was eventually caught and charged he continued his lewd behavior whilst playing the system to his full advantage.

Engaging with the Criminal Justice system offered my stalker a set of rights whilst I was relegated to that of nothing more than a piece of evidence to substantiate a crime against the state. Rather than face the full judgment of the court, my stalker chose to enter into a plea bargain process. I attended court to hear him being sentence and even in spite of a social work report stating there was a risk of re-offending, in the sheriffs opinion, my stalker was not a danger to the public and with a lenient sentence he walked free from court. To gain a sense of safety I was left with no choice but to relocate over 80 miles away. In doing so I lost my business, my home of 30 years, and left behind my friends and family while my stalker continued his life as before.
I was forcibly reminded that in this system, the victim becomes irrelevant and quickly forgotten, and the lasting harm caused by the crime appears to be regarded by the system as utterly beside the point. My stalker had reduced me to nothing more than a sick object of his sadistic sexual fantasy and the system tacitly colluded to reduce me to nothing more than a piece of evidence. Both shared a complete lack of compassion care or concern for the harm I suffered.
I experienced a system that models the very behaviour our society finds unacceptable… the misuse of power to the detriment of others. How can we ensure recognition of the victim when the state itself is an offender? As ‘Erasmus Darwin’ stated, “He who allows oppression, shares the crime”.
My story was not unique. Stalking prevails within ever aspect of our society and is one of Britain’s growing crimes. Recent Criminal Justice Survey Statistics state that 1:5 women and 1:7 men will become of a stalker. What was happening to innocent people is not justice. I decided to stand up and speak out determined that stalking should be a crime within law and to give the victim a voice and a place within the criminal justice system.

Scottish National Stalking Group Logo

What are your hope and goals in your future work?

Legislation alone was never going to be enough. Without, education, training, protocols and guidelines, stalkers would continue to operate outside purview of the justice system, allowing their behaviour to continue unchecked, with devastating consequences for victims and making individual and community safety an unattainable goal-and even without legislative reform these were still necessary requirement.
In order to dramatically reduce the number of people stalked, we needed to dramatically increase the number of stalkers who are convicted. And so the work continued to help bridge the gap between awareness and understanding and between legislation and legislative response.
I continue to deliver a plethora of training on stalking to police, criminal justice professionals, government funded bodies, educational institutions and victim support agencies across Scotland as well as on the international stage. I have presented as a key speaker at conferences and seminars across the country and on the European platform and have been consulted on many developments in Scotland and abroad regarding stalking. I continue to work closely with the Crown Office, Police Scotland, NHS Scotland, Victim Support Organisations, Schools Colleges and Universities to help tackle this crime.

Do you have anyone to help you or do you manage to do all the work yourself?

Since launching ASAS 6 years ago I have worked purely on a voluntary basis with no outside funding,

As are you registered as a Charity? Can people donate? If so, where and how?

Answer As above: The ASAS web site is under refurbishment and will have a facility for people to donate to this important and worthwhile cause.

Ann 2

Do you have any hints or tips that you have found in helping people who have a stalker?

Report to the police. Keep an accurate log of all incidents. Do not respond to your stalker in any shape or any form.

What was your most amazing moment in your work to date?

In 2014 I was invited to meet with senior officials from the Crown Office and Police Scotland. I was informed they were willing to work with me to ensure this crime was fully and appropriately addressed by raising it to a high priority listed crime. I was introduced to the newly appointed COPFS National Lead for Stalking; the implementation of a joint COPFS and Police Scotland Stalking protocol; the implementation of a national stalking training programmed for all Crown Office Staff, and the development of specialized COPFS staff within each office across Scotland. This highly specialized and accredited training for COPFS staff insists that only senior Procurator Fiscals who hold this accredited qualification are be allowed to work with stalking cases. We agreed to develop a case recovery framework stalking cases that were threatening to fall through the net will be recovered where possible;

If your life was to be made into a movie which actor would you like to play the leading role?

Sophie Turner

Will you be hosting workshops in the near future?

Yes, we will be posting the times and dates on our website

Do you have an inspirational, motivating or funny anecdote you would like to share?

When I first spoke out and launched Action Scotland Against Stalking, I pledged I would speak out and be the voice for those victims who were too scared or unable to speak out for themselves… even though I was in a vulnerable position myself… but as Ambrose Redmoon once said:

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear …”

Thank you so much Ann for the interview!

Have you ever been stalked? What did you do?

Did the law help you?

Did you sue your stalker?

Please tell us what you think about stalking…

Please visit Ann’s website for more information:

Interview with Mary of Simply Mary and her debut album Freedom Bound!

I would like to introduce you to Mary of the band, Simply Mary. Her survival story is amazing, which you can tell when you listen to her songs. She wrote the album in dedication to all Domestic Violence survivors

How would you describe your music and why did you choose that genre?

This has always been the most difficult answer to give anyone who asks me. I really don’t stick to just one specific genre of music. I have pieces of Blues, Rock, Funk, Swing, Rock and Americana all blended together.

What is the ‘back story’ to your album and title?

The Album “Freedom Bound” Dedicated to Survivors of Domestic Violence was sparked due to my own experience with Domestic Violence. I put the album together after being forced to flee the area where my offender was repeatedly breaking the Protection From Abuse Order put in place by the Courts. After the third attempt by my offender, I decided to relocate alone due to his inability to abide by the law for mine and my children’s best interest. We have been separated since Christmas Night of 2013.

What made you want to become a singer?

Music has always been a part of my life ever since I could reach the keys of my mom’s piano. I was always eager to learn new instruments. Once I was allowed to sing for my parochial school choir, being a vocalist was always a vision. I laid low until my Senior year in high school when I joined Show Choir and surprised all of my friends who never knew I sang!

Did you employ a producer/studio?

I was able to take the songs I wrote from my experience and be blessed to have someone invest in a professional studio recording of all 14 tracks at TallCat Studios, LLC. in Phoenix, AZ. The process was very difficult to complete as I had never been in a professional studio before. It took nearly one year and quite a team to get the job done.


Are you self-published? Why did you choose to publish this way?

Technically I am not self publishing at this time. I am currently tossing around an offer to go with a reputable company but I still have research to do to make the best decision possible.

Do you have any hints or tips that you have found in marketing?

You have to work hard if you want to market for free. This means creating a plan and following that plan every single day tailored to the results you are looking for. Use ALL the Social Media platforms available to you as in today’s world, the internet rules everything.

What was your most amazing moment in writing your songs?

The most amazing moment while I was writing, I guess I really can’t call any of the moments “amazing” as this album is so full of emotions that run very deep. It was definitely a trying time filled with many mixed emotions. I would say the most touching moment was the way I found my room mate Pat. A complete stranger took me in and helped me, someone who truly understood.

If your story and your music was to be made into a movie which actor would you like to play the leading role?

I would surely choose Mariska Hagharty! That woman could portray so much, she is a Survivor too!

Is there a sequel new album in the works?

There won’t be a sequel to this Album, but there is new material surfacing that may surprise everyone. I am going to start to lean to a new style that I never thought I would enjoy so much.

Do you have an inspirational, motivating or funny anecdote you would like to share?

“If you want something done you have to do it yourself!”.

Thank you for this interview Mary!

If you want to check out Simply Mary, please see her video below and the links to see where you can see her playing live and download her music!


I Stand Against Domestic Violence

We started a Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign on Teespring. We thought of different ways of raising funds and to be honest a Go Fund Me campaign is all well and good… But, who doesn’t like T-Shirts? So we designed a T-Shirt on Teespring, and it’s selling! WHOOT! There are only 4 days left and we’ve sold 11 so far!. Okay, I know it’s not breaking any barriers in the big, wide world but for us it is!


We are selling T-Shirts to raise funds to open a Private Company Limited by Guarantee (LBG), which simply put means a company rather than a charity, which gives us so much more flexibility on raising funds, sponsorship’s and donations and not bound by outdated rules. After it is open, we will apply for a CIC (Community Interest Company), which means it is Community based. To help communities, therefore we can support Domestic Violence and Stalking victims so much easier, than a charity as there is less red tape. Any charity will tell you how they have so many hoops to jump through, just to get sponsored!

With this company, we are organizing event’s in London, Manchester and hopefully as an NGO which can take it globally! To kick it off and launch we are looking to host a fashion show in London. Raising money to help people, more on that to come in the future.

If you want to help and be part of the journey, please share our Teespring Campaign!

I Stand Against Domestic Violence!
I Stand Against Domestic Violence!

It is here! October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast, for me it has been a tough one but not as tough as many, who are struggling day to day in violent and emotionally abusive relationships.

I had so much planned last year to raise awareness, events, webinars but the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (Yes, I know! Some people are still homeless and struggling, hoping and wishing to be back in the houses). Well, it kicked our butt, took a while to recover, but we are survivors and we finally surfaced from the turmoil. It does make you realize though just how incredibly lucky we are.

This year however, we are dedicated to making and bringing changes! So much is planned and already. For this little, humble blog we have some amazing people to introduce you to. Just a little teaser, there will be Mary from Simply Mary and her music dedicated to domestic violence survivors, her story is one of strength and courage, Brett Scudder who helps suicide survivors and runs workshops for domestic violence survivors and a Blog Talk Radio show, Ann Moulds of Action Against Stalking in Scotland. I will also be running a series to help survivors with guest posts from Reiki, Yoga, nutrition and safety!

We are also looking forward to holding events in London, Manchester and hopefully Edinburgh, Scotland this coming year too, Raising funds to give to charities, to help people over come, to survive, to become victors, warriors against Domestic Violence and Stalking.

So to kick off October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am giving away FREE eBook copies of A Broken Ring on Smashwords! It can be downloaded in all formats… Kindle, Nook, Kobo, PDF etc.

To claim your free copy just click on the book cover below!

A Broken Ring by Claire Cappetta

Just enter the promotional Coupon Code: SW78Y. It expires on October 31st. So that’s free for the whole month. If you like it please, just write a little review on the ebook site for your eBook, like Kobo, Nook, Amazon for Kindle etc.

So, please this month, let’s raise our voices against violence.

Let’s make a real change this year!

Become victorious, become healthy, be kind to ourselves in healing.


Today is National Coffee Day!

dfeae050c2c50ecb6519d318c31508beToday is National Coffee Day!

Coffee lovers in the US will be in their glory on today as many coffee shops and retailers are offering freebies and deals for the celebration of National Coffee Day, a wonderful made-up holiday celebrated each year on Sept. 29.

Here is a list of participating stores::

Dunkin’ Donuts: Get a free medium iced or hot Dark Roast coffee. Limit one per person. Click here to find a store near you.

McDonald’s: Guests can get a free small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at participating McDonald’s across the country. Click here for locations.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: Celebrate with a free small cup of Major Dickason’s Blend, with a food purchase. Click here for locations.

Starbucks: Starbucks is offering $25 off $100 online purchases with code RMN25SEPT. They are also offering 20 percent off in-store purchases on any packaged coffee or merchandise for My Starbucks Rewards Members

Let’s face it who doesn’t like free “stuff”? Especially coffee!


Been a while, my friend…

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I had to take a hiatus, there was just so much to do. So many good plans had to be put aside for a bit, not forgotten, not dumped, just set aside. Sometimes taking care of “Life” takes over but I MISSED you!

I missed my blogging community, I missed sitting in awe at people’s adventures, triumphs, discoveries and achievements. I have made amazing friends through this little blog of mine. It has even had a make over, hope you like it… Pink much? giggles….

There are however, some great interviews coming up in the works, some music to share and of course awareness stories to share which will make you laugh and cry… and of course… Coffee, there always has to be coffee!

Coffee, love and hugs, what could b better? <3
Coffee, love and hugs, what could be better?❤

Stalking Awareness Month 2015

I wanted to say a big thank you for all the support you have given to my work over the last year. It has meant so much and I know this coming year is going to be phenomenal!

I did put out a newsletter is only going out to a few selected people because I wanted to “Give back” but in the end I thought “What he heck!”, let’s really spread awareness!

In the spirit of raising Stalking Awareness in January, I have created a Coupon Code for you on Smashwords for a free Ebook copy of Stalking Liberty, available for all Ereaders, Tablets, iPads etc
To get your free copy of Stalking Liberty enter
Coupon Code: DH26V
at checkout on Smashwords/Stalking Liberty

If you love, enjoy or hate it please let me know and I’ll never turn down a review (giggles)

Stalking Liberty Jan

What if anything you imagined could be real?

What if anything you imagined could be real?

What if if put “Fear” on a back burner for one day?

What could we do?

What could we become?

How many lives could we change for the better?

Everything you can imagine is real

What to know, do and say to stay safe by Dennis Golden and Jennifer Lownik

What to know, do and say to be safe
What to know, do and say to be safe

I was incredibly fortunate and lucky when I first released my book, A Broken Ring. It was my very first venture into publishing a book and at telling my story of survival from abuse. Why was i lucky? Because Dennis Golden of IM-Safe organization was kind enough to give me a review and endorsement for the back cover. I was ecstatic when he sent it to me!  I was so happy, I wrote:

Breaking news!! IM-Safe with my book, A Broken Ring

Dennis and I have kept in touch since. I was thrilled to discover this last summer he was publishing his book, What to know, do and say to stay safe, with Jennifer Lownik, his daughter. He very kindly sent a signed copy to me, which I received this week.

It’s an amazing book!! It really is a “must read!” It covers so many topics to help keep you safe either from a stalker, tips to help in a domestic violent situation, traveling! They give good examples of what to do to keep yourself safe. It’s not really a “How to” book in a sense, it’s more like conversation.

Dennis and Jennifer describe the book perfectly on it’s Amazon page

“Every Woman Needs This Book

While an attack by a total stranger is what women dread, national statistics show the likelihood of such an event is less than10%. The good news … an assault of this type, is the easiest to avoid. The larger concern is that women routinely and unknowingly ignore 90% of threats that surround them daily in work, at play and in life.

In the real world, you are more likely to be stalked by a former partner, become a victim of workplace or domestic violence, or be victimized while traveling far more often than being assaulted by a stranger. Statistics also show that 90% of the time you will be targeted, by someone you know and you will be in location you believe is safe.

What To Know Do And Say To Be Safe, A Woman’s Guide To Personal Safety finally separates the facts from fiction. It fills an important gap by offering real insight on how you as a woman can live safely in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to your personal safety and security.

This long overdue book gives you immediate access some of the best self-protection tools and strategies the world has ever known. Here you will learn:

• How to safely navigate in a world that is becoming increasingly more hostile to your personal safety and security.

• Ways you can be “armed” with a mental weapon that can never be taken away from you.

• What self-defense “experts” often fail to tell women about real world physical encounters.

• The secrets on knowing how to quickly deescalate any verbal attack at home, at work, anywhere.

• The powerful natural advantages women have when dealing with abusive partners, bullies or predators.

Order you copy today and discover why no woman deserves to live in fear … not from bullies …not from intimate partners … not from strangers.”

If you are thinking of buying a book, buy this!