Daisy Award, for you and for me!

Yay! The Daisy Award! :-)

You may have noticed I have changed the theme of my blog and while I was trying to update everything I found I had been nominated for the Daisy Award! Ages ago! Now I feel guilty that I didn’t see it before, thinking back it was when everything in life started to go a little crazy, Nicky going  into hospital and after that… well sadly he passed, we found we had to move, we moved, we came down with the bronchial cold and then before we unpacked… Hello Sandy! Phew! Oh and last but not least I launched my book, A Broken Ring. It has been an interesting five months to say the least!

So you can imagine my surprise to find I had been nominated for the Daisy Award! I want to thank the Spineless Wonders for the honor and to Subtle Kate for creating such a great award!

So with out further ado… there are of course rules to follow:

* Thank the person who nominated you

* Tell your readers seven unusual about yourself

* Nominate some worthy bloggers

Seven unusual things about me..

Alright I’m having a tough time with this! Because what is unusual?!

1. Love fluffy socks

2. I always drink coffee black, Vin says it’s eee-yuk but I’ve drunk coffee black since I was eight years old when my mum told me it would be ‘healthier’ for us… Can’t even remember my first cup of coffee… maybe it was in a bottle! lol

3. For  the English Declamation exam/competition at school I did the talk on Witchcraft and it’s history, when I won semi-finals I was told to change it ‘Cycling” as they really couldn’t have a talk about Witchcraft and it’s history” They said it was too ‘disturbing’ to the school! lol and now years on we have been given Harry Potter ;-/

4. I believe in a ‘Higher Power” and class myself as “Spiritual” and make no assumptions on any religion as long as it harms no-one, who ever your God or Goddess maybe.

5. I’m told I’m psychic and have given readings at events including rooms of people… ‘John Edwards‘ style (That was a secret for a long time!)

6 Can never find jeans to fit me! In the 80’s it was okay because I could wear Levi’s 501’s but can’t find them now… Jeans in my size usually cost a fortune and Vin thought I was joking around until I made him come with me to find them… Not many stores stock 34″ leg! lol

7. I have vertigo  and now we have moved our front steps seem to mingle and disappear as I go down them, it’s really weird!

There you go, I think they were sort of unusual…

I look forward to reading my nominees answers!

Susan Cooper/findingourwaynow.com




Sword-chinned bitch



10 comments on “Daisy Award, for you and for me!

  1. Congrats… this a perfect award for you. I loved your answers, especially the part about being psychic, we need to talk. :)). The last part surprised me. You made my day and I did a happy dance. I really needed a lift and you did that for me with this nomination. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)))


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